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Justin Timberlake Nude — His Bulging Cock, NSFW Pics & Vids

Whether you are an NSYNC fan or not, you know you want to see the Justin Timberlake nude pics and NSFW videos! The gorgeous singer looks mighty tasty in all of his naked moments below. The older JT gets, the sexier he becomes too. Don’t you agree?! We have a feeling Timberlake will have us drooling for years to come! For now, enjoy the pop icon stripped down and looking bang-able AF. MMM, you might want to get a box of tissues while you’re at it…


A few things about the sexy singer-turned-actor:

Justin Timberlake jerking off
JT reading our minds…
  • Justin Randall Timberlake was born on January 31st, 1981 in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • The star is an American singer-songwriter, dancer, actor and record producer.
  • Growing up, JT was raised in a Baptist family in Tennessee.
  • @justintimberlake is his Instagram username and @jtimberlake is his Twitter account.
  • Timberlake has won several awards throughout the years, including 10 Grammy Awards, 4 Emmy Awards, 7 American Music Awards, 3 Brit Awards, 9 Billboard Music Awards, 11 MTV Video Awards and 29 ASCAP Awards.
  • Jessica Biel is his wife since October 19, 2012. The couple share a son together.

Justin Timberlake Nude

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“Enjoy my nudes, assholes!” – JT, probably.

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JT’s brief dating history:

  • In high school Justin dated Danielle Ditto and Veronica Finn.
  • From 1996-1997 Justin dated Stacy Ferguson, also known as “Fergie”. Apparently she was 23 years old and he was only 16 years old.
  • There are rumors that Justin had a brief makeout session with Beyonce during an industry party in 1998.
  • JT dated Britney Spears from 1999-2002, but broke up after she allegedly cheated with Australian dancer Wade Robson.
  • Cameron Diaz dated the star from 2003-2006.
  • Other women he dated include Jenna Dewan, Alyssa Milano, Tatyana Ali, Kate Hudson and Scarlett Johansson.

Justin Timberlake Videos

Wonderwheel (#sexy)

Alpha Dog (#shirtless)

Justin Timberlake Shirtless

A few other facts about Mr. Timberlake:

  • He has had many #1 singles such as his songs “SexyBack” and “My Love.
  • Some of his film credits include: The Social Network, The Love Guru, The Open Road, Wonder Wheel, Runner Runner, Trouble with the Curve, Bad Teacher, Trolls, In Time, Inside Llewyn Davis and Friends with Benefits (co-starring with Mila Cunis).
  • Timberlake reportedly likes to collect sneakers and sports jerseys.

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Justin Timberlake Sexy Gallery

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Looking dapper!
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