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Max Thieriot’s nude photos are wonderful. Theiriot is an American actor and director, and seeing his junk exposed is just what we needed this year to spice up the year of the ‘rona.

He is best known for starring as Navy SEAL Clay Spenser on the CBS series Seal Team. Max’s rugged looks and muscular body have gained him global, recognition on Leaked Meat.

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A few more interesting facts about Thieriot:

  • Max Thieriot October 14th, 1988 in Los Alto Hills, California.
  • His Instagram @maxthierot has over half a million followers.
  • He played the role of Seth in the comedy The Pacifier with Vin Diesel.
  • Another popular role of his was playing Dylan Massett in the A&E series Bates Motel.
  • Thieriot’s great-grandfather owned The San Francisco Chronicle back in the day.
  • Before Max was an actor, he modeled for the popular brand Gap.
  • Kristen Stewart was his co-star in the film Catch That Kid.
  • Max has two siblings named Aidan and Frankie.
  • Married Lexi Murphy in 2013. They have a son named Beaux.

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Max Thieriot’s Ripped Body Collection

A few other fun facts about this delicious beast:

  • He is the Co-founder of the company @senseswine.
  • A few other film credits include: Jumper, Nancy Drew, My Soul to Take, Stay Cool, Yellow, Disconnect, House at the End of the Street and Point Break.
  • Thieriot proposed to his longtime gf (since his teen years) on a trip to the Caribbean.

Max Thieriot shirtless in jeans

Max Thieriot Video Clips & Sex Scene

Disconnect (#Bulge #Underwear)

Bates Motel (#Hot NSFW #Shirtless)

Disconnect (# Hot NSFW #Shirtless)

Disconnect (# Sex Cam Guy)

Check out this scene – Max Thieriot as a gay sex cam host in the 2012 thriller Disconnect.

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