Shoot Bigger Loads — How to CUM Like a Porn Star

Who wouldn’t want to blow bigger loads? For many different reasons, men of all ages to wonder how to cum more — much more.  Read this guide to find out how.

HeMan cumming
He-man blowing a giant load

Why Blow Huge Loads??

  1. it feels great
  2. small loads = less sperm and decreased fertility. Age can sometimes lead to a decline in your semen volume.
  3. the visual aspect — shooting huge loads just looks more masculine than the dreaded dribble
  4. self-confidence — when your partner sees your explosive orgasm and huge load, you feel and look like a dominant man

Plenty of men would love to shoot bigger loads for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s the increased confidence from shooting ropes like a male porn star, or the desire to put a baby in the oven, men all over the world are looking for the best solution. sperm

How to Shoot Bigger Loads — 6 Methods

Volcanic orgasm cum
Learn how to cum like a volcano…

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1.) Keep this off your lap…

Do you ever sit on the couch with a laptop on your lap?

You may want to stop doing that.

Studies have shown that keeping hot objects near your testicles will do a number to your sperm count. Less sperm = smaller loads.

2.) Keep these out of your pockets

Just like laptops, mobile phones give off heat and radiation. Many men keep their phones right next to their boys.

Ever notice how your balls hang low when you’re hot and sweaty? That’s your body trying to keep your sperm at the correct temperature and away from your sweaty hot body!

3.) Eat these semen superfoods

Certain superfoods can improve the quality, quantity, taste and appearance of cum.

Recent studies have found that eating too much processed meat decreases the quality of sperm. Some meat is okay, but as they say, everything in moderation!

You can help your load by eating citrus fruits, leafy greens, whole grains, and protein rich beans in your diet.

4.) Masturbate, but not too often

Most (all?) men masturbate, and it’s a good thing. Gotta keep those pipes clean!

But if you jerk off too much (porn!), or you’re just a horny guy with a horny partner, you may want to wait a couple of days if you’re looking to shoot a huge load!

“Edging” is another great technique to build up your load for that amazing release.

Edging is the term given to getting as close as possible to ejaculation without letting yourself cum. Stop, start, stop, start… and pretty soon you’ll be exploding.

5.) Stay healthy. Keep an eye on…

What’s a great way to feel great and blow big loads? Keeping your weight in check.

Studies have shown that overweight men tend to have much lower sperm quality AND volume!

And of course — if you’re a smoker, that isn’t doing your cum any favors!

Smoking can decrease your sperm count and motility. Not to mention smoking can decrease your erection quality!

6.) Try a natural supplement

Taking a natural male enhancement supplement can be a great way to increase your erection quality and semen volume.

We recommend Volume Pills, a great supplement containing safe natural ingredients.


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Do Semen Volume Pills Work?

Definitely. There are a few very reputable products on the market that have been extensively tested. We are big fans of products like Semenax and Volume Pills. Not only do these supplements help your shoot bigger loads, they also help you get the distance you desire. No more dribble


The Biggest Factors That Affect Semen Volume


  • age — remember shooting loads over your shoulder as a teenager? Men are generally at their peak semen production from their teens to 30’s. Men over 50 often experience a decline in semen volume. 1
  • nutrition — good nutrition and adequate hydration are key factors. A healthy and balanced diet that contains necessary vitamins and nutrients is of paramount importance.
  • genetics — some men, like famous porn star Peter North are probably genetically predisposed to blowing absolutely insane loads. But you can bet most of these fucking machines also take supplements to increase their semen volume and erection strength.
  • frequency of ejaculation — if you’re jerking off five times a day, of course your body can’t keep up with! Optimum time between orgasms varies, but most men report two to three days between ejaculating produces the biggest loads.
  • arousal — they say sex happens upstairs. If your sex partner really rocks your socks, you’re bound to be making crazy faces and shooting huge loads of cum.
  • lifestyle — stress, smoking, weight, exercise – these will all factor into the strength and volume of your orgasm.


  1. Study Shows That Genetic Quality Of Sperm Deteriorates As Men Age