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A few interesting facts on Jack:

  • Jack Reynor made a name for himself after appearing in Transformers: Age of Extinction.  Before that, he was in Grassland and Strange Angel.
  • He's engaged to Madeline Mulqueen, an Irish fashion model.
  • He was discovered by Michael Bay for his Transformers role after he watched the film What Richard Did.
  • When filming Midsommar, Jack told The Hollywood Reporter that he pushed for full frontal nudity,

I really wanted to engage with the experience of it by advocating for as much full-frontal nudity as possible.

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From his fully nude scene in the Midsommar, a horror film about a Swedish cult. Check out that beautiful celebrity penis in the video clip below!

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The ‘Midsommar' actor said he intentionally left something on screen.

Jack Reynor posed for a photoshoot in the buff to show his appreciation for his fans. In addition to wearing only a tank top, he positioned his hands in a very provocative way.

“For me, it's important that any job I'm in makes people feel happy,” Reynor told Entertainment Tonight. “Just in my mind, I'm on a film set where you have these dancers and they're all wearing these crazy outfits, and they're working their asses off to create the most amazing experience, and I never want to be that guy who's not stepping outside your comfort zone and showing everything you're working with.”

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