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  • Conor made a name for himself during his professional debut in 2008 with two TKO.
  • His first UFC fight was in 2014 where he won the Knockout of the Night during the very first fight.
  • He was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, along with two sisters.  He has been in a relationship with Dee Devlin for years — the couple have two children.
  • He became the UFC Featherweight Champion back in December 2015 against Jose Aldo, knocking him out in just 13 seconds — setting the record for quickest victory in UFC history.
  • He’s known for his pre-bout antics and wild Irish attitude.  He fought Floyd Mayweather for a ridiculous payout, even though he lost after several rounds.  In addition to the $30 million guaranteed, he said he pulled in around 100 million after all was said and done.

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