Aleksander Melgalvis

Aleksander Melgalvis Strips Nude In Celebratory Dance (VIDEO)

Damn, the Aleksander Melgavis nude pictures are da bomb! The Norwegian football player has zero problems stripping down for his fans, the boy is a wild child. If you are obsessed with soccer players, Aleksander will no doubt become one of your favorites. He is just too scrumptious to look at, especially when he shows his bare body. Are you ready to see this stunner of a man in all his glory? We also have a bonus video, you ain’t ready for his big boy dong!

Aleksander Melgalvis stripping

A few things about Melgavis before you get started:

  • Aleksander Melgavis Andreassen was born on August 10th, 1989 in Hamar, Norway.
  • His Twitter is: @aleksandermelgavis
  • He is a defender on his soccer team.
  • Melgavis plays for the Norwegian football club named Lillestrøm.
  • Alek is well known in Norway, but became famous after putting his genitals in the trophy after winning the Norwegian cup.
  • The soccer stud also has an Instagram, but it is unfortunately set to private.
  • When asked about how his family felt about his naked fiasco, he said he was glad his grandma “doesn’t have social media or the internet”.

Aleksander Melgalvis Nude Pics

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Aleksander Melgalvis Videos

Norwegian Cup NSFW Video

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