Ray J and Kim Kardashian

*BIG* Ray J Dick Pics — The Infamous Sex Tape

Ray J sealed his place in history when he decided to film himself fucking Kim Kardashian way back in 2003.

A star was born that day, and in 2007 the Kim Kardashian sex tape was leaked online (watch that on LeakedCelebrityTapes.com).  The world was talking, and it wasn’t just about Kim Kardashian!  Believe it or not, many people didn’t even know her name: only the Kardashian family name from OJ Simpson’s trial!!)

And that Ray J dick was unmissable… he is packing a serious anaconda in that 5’7″ frame!

Ray J ripped hot body
Ray J getting ready to hit it

Ray J Dick Pics

Here are some screenshot still from their infamous tape — we’ve brightened them up and enlarged them for you (keep in mind this was filmed in 2003!)

How big is Ray J’s penis?

Much speculation remains on just how big Ray J’s cock really is.  As you’ll notice below, Kim uses two full hands to milk his cock… granted she’s a petite lady herself.  With the internet and one guy with a lot of time on his hands, he was able to find a photo of Kim Kardashian holding a Blackberry Bold 9900 — which is 4.53 inches tall.  From this, we can estimate her hands are between 2.5-2.75″ wide, and by examining the photo:

Ray J two handed blowjob
Look ma, two hands!

She gets two full hands on him and he has about 0.5″ left at the tip, 0.5″ between the knuckles and about 1″ left at the base (allowing for his very small fat pad).

Which means… Ray J’s penis is probably about 7.2 inches.

Who is Ray J?

Ray J Raydiation shirtless

Ray J is a singer, rapper and actor — and you might just know his sister: Brandy.

  • His full name is William Ray Norwood Jr.
  • He definitely “Hit It First

Search volume on Google for “Ray J sex tape” was not far behind “Kim Kardashian sex tape” when Kim Kardashian Superstar was first released in February 2007… crazy!  These days Kim is orders of magnitude more popular than Ray J.

Check out this graph from Google Trends (February 2007 – March 2007):

Ray J sex tape (WATCH)

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