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What a dream come true, the Kit Harington nude pics have been leaked and they are a seriously tasty meat treat! A Russian model named Olga Vlaslova released the naked pics of Harington on her Twitter account. Vlaslova also claimed the affair happened before and after his marriage to Mrs. Rose Leslie (or is it Leslie Rose??) this past summer (oh, snap!). If the rumors are true, Kit is in deep shit with his old lady!


Kit Harington and Olga Vlasova leaked
Olga Vlasova & Kit Harington

According to reports, the model alleged that the love-affair lasted about a month and that they met in Luxembourg. She also stated to a Russian publication that they had sex several times!

Kit Harington Nude Leaked Pictures

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The cheating scandal has gone viral all over the web, especially because Harington and Leslie have only been married for six months and were thought to be deeply in love. Their beautiful wedding on Leslie’s family estate made headlines everywhere in the Summer of 2018. Even some of their GOT co-stars attended the big event.

Rose Leslie (Ygritte) arrow
Should have shot him when she had the chance

If you didn’t know, Harington and Leslie played love interests on the popular HBO fantasy series Games of Thrones. Kit played the main role of Jon Snow who falls in love with the character Ygritte played by Leslie. The actor is known to gush over his wife during interviews and how they fell in love during the second season of filming in Iceland.

Olga Vlasova Instagram Messages

Here is Olga Vlasova’s statement translated into English:

  • Olga: It was before his wedding. We met for almost a month.
  • Olga: Actually what I wanted I already received. I’m glad it’s over. I do not want to build relationships with star men
  • Olga: What kind of person is he? Forever drunk yes
  • Olga: During conversations, he forgot everything we were talking about, and the same question infuriated
  • Unknown person: How did you meet and meet each other?
  • Olga: We met at one evening of royal persons
  • Olga: His agent approached me in the garden.
  • Olga: Suggested informal communication
  • Olga: I agreed
  • Olga: Met about a month
  • Olga: He gave me presents such as traveling on a 6 deck liner on the waters of the Adriatic Ocean
  • Olga: He also did me
  • Olga: Chatty guys) I have to sit on their face in order to give them the opportunity to speak out
  • Olga: Frayed, he sniffed and passed out with a standing member, and so it was 3 times.
  • Olga: It was before his wedding
  • Olga: We met for almost a month

Olga Vlasova Pics

Although, a rep for Kit released a statement to E! News denying he ever slept with Vlaslova or even met her:

“The allegations in this story are completely false. He’s never even been to Luxembourg nor has he ever met Olga Vlaslova.”

In our opinion, if Olga is lying, she either has a) mastered Photoshop, b) knows Kit Harington’s doppleganger or c) somehow hacked his nude pics from his cell phone and is now pretending she took them. One thing is for sure, those photos look authentic as they get!

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