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Remember American Pie? Most people do, so prepare yourself to see Jason Biggs nude! He doesn’t mind showing his penis on screen, not to mention his bare ass!

  • Jason Biggs is best known for his role as Jim Levinstein in the popular American Pie film series, along with his role in Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black.
  • He got married in 2008 to My Best Friend co-star Jenny Mollen.
  • He often plays a Jewish character in his acting roles, but he was actually raised Catholic.

Jason Biggs Dick Pics

A few facts:

  • Jason Biggs is 5’9″ tall.
  • He has a net worth of 13 million dollars.
  • He loves mountain biking and snowboarding.

Jason Biggs’ Dick on Video

The comedic actor was not at all wary of baring it all to play Jim Levenstein in American Pie.

The upcoming American Pie is the last time that the four leads from the original 1999 movie will be seen nude onscreen.

“They’re all quite comfortable stripping down and baring it all for moviegoers,” says the film’s director, Paul Weitz. “All of them really like it. It’s not like they’re going crazy about it.”

While the 1999 film’s star Seann William Scott says he always felt the need to be naked from time to time, it was last decade that the other three continued baring it all.

“You don’t do it as a forced statement,” Scott tells LeakedMeat. “It’s more just because I’m a guy that likes being naked. If you’re a guy, then that’s a reality of life.”

The new movie finds all of the characters returning to high school after years of being gone, but Scott jokes that things are just different.

“It’s like your high school experience happened in the ’90s,” he says. “It’s like your high school sex at prom.”

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