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Eeeek! It’s a great day to be alive, Instagram star Nathan Schwandt nudes have been leaked! If you know who the hot skater is, you know why this is FABULOUS news. We are absolutely dead over his naked dick pics, he has one gorgeous boner. You’re going to lick your computer screen with excitement…

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If you have no idea who this is, here are some basic facts about this tasty boy-toy:

  • Nathan Schwandt was born on August 18th, 1993 and is from Michigan.
  • The hottie became famous after becoming Jeffree Star’s boyfriend – a famous makeup artist who makes millions of dollars online. They started dating in 2015 and now Nathan works for Star’s cosmetic business.
  • He has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram. On his Insta bio he claims to be a father to 6 Pomeranians and travels the world with his “soul mate”.
  • Some fans online speculate Nathan is only using Star for money, but Star always defends him: “Nathan met me before I had money. When I met Nathan, he had no idea what any designer label was. He is a small-town guy from Michigan.”
  • According to, the couple frequently posts videos together on Youtube and they met online.
  • Some people wonder if Nathan is gay or straight, but he says it’s about “connection, not gender”. He has only ever been with women before meeting star. The couple met online before ever meeting in person.
  • They live in Santa Monica, but just recently bought a house together in Grand Rapids, Michigan to be closer to Nathan’s family. Star has met his parents and he said they get along great.
  • According to several sources, the leaked pictures are from Nathan’s Snapchat and were spread all over Tumblr. Star’s old friend Manny MUA let the secret out on Twitter over an argument with Star. Oopsy.

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