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David DeLuise Nudes Leaked — Dat Ass & Cock Exposed

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These David DeLuise nudes are going viral and people are freaking out over his cock selfie. Why?! Well, DeLuise is possibly the most famous dad on TV!

David DeLuise mirror selfie
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He played Selena Gomez’s father Jerry Russo in the hit television series, Wizards of Waverly Place. Yep, that’s why people are completely shocked by his VERY naughty and dirty selfies. David and many other former Disney Channel stars are getting their pictures hacked these days and their fans are NOT complaining…


Never heard of David? Here’s a few interesting facts about the charming daddy before you see his peen:

Davide DeLuise hot dad with Selena Gomez
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  • David Dominick DeLuise was born on November 11th, 1971 in Burbank, California.
  • The actor is well known for playing Bug Pollone on 3rd Rock From the Sun and Jerry on Wizards of Waverly Place.
  • DeLuise also plays characters in Stargate SG-1 and Megas XLR.
  • His Twitter account username is: @d_deluise
  • He is also a director who has worked on How To Rock, Lab Rats and The Tundermans.
  • That actor married Brigitte DeLuise in 1994 and were divorced by 2003. They have two children together.
  • David’s father is famous comedian Dom DeLuise and his mother is actress Carol Arthur. He also has two brothers who are also actors, Peter DeLuise and Michael DeLuise.
  • In 2014, David dated actress Sharon Stone and no one knows when they separated, but they are no longer an item.

David DeLuise Nude Pics LEAKED

As you know, many celebrities have been targeted by hackers in recent years. According to reports, DeLuise’s email accounts were hacked on July 18th, 2018 and that’s when his naked selfies were leaked online. David has not made any comments about the scandal and his representatives have not put out a statement. We think he should just own them! If you’re into sexy dad-bods and irresistible smiles — this teddy bear is for you!

David DeLuise Sexy Photos

David DeLuise sexy pic

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