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Who knew Anne Hathaway’s husband is packing some heat! The Adam Shulman nudes are making us squeal, his dick pics are so fucking hot. The “Ryan Gosling look-a-like” is such a sexy stud-muffin, and his nasty selfies prove that he is also a FREAK! As you will see, he’s a bad boy with a red rocket that is out of this world…

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Don’t know much about Adam? Don’t worry, here is some basic information on this male celeb hottie:

  • The American actor and producer was born on April 2, 1981 in New York City, New York.
  • He is best known for playing Enos Strate in the 2007 film The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning and Paul O’Bannon in the TV series American Dreams.
  • He produced the movies Song One, Liberation, Puzzler and The Shower.
  • Anne Hathaway and Adam first began dating in 2008, a few months after Anne Split with her ex lover Follieri (who is in prison for fraud). The couple met through “mutual friends” from Brooklyn. Their first public appearance together was in New Orleans for the screening of Rachel Getting Married (November, 2008). They married in September of 2012 and have one child together.
  • He studied theater at Brown University and graduated in 2003.
  • He started his own jewelry line called James Bank with goldsmith Heidi Nahser Fink. He named it after his grandfather who use to make jewelry for his grandmother. His collection has light bulb necklaces and pendants that start at $1,000 dollars a piece.
  • He custom designed Anne’s engagement ring which is gorgeous. It was made with the help of the company called Kwiat Jewelers. The rock is pretty big and sparkly to say the least!
  • According to an article by, Adam and Anne were recently spotted in Venice, Italy. They were in town for the famous Venice Film Festival.
  • It’s still a mystery who hacked the naked photos of Ryan, but it is believed that they were taken from Anne Hathaway’s nudes on her cell phone. She is one of many celebrities targeted by hackers for their nude pics in the infamous Fappening hack. 🙂

Adam Shulman Nudes Leaked

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