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  • Camp originally became known as a go-go dancer in NYC.
  • He’s an advocate for sexual health among gay men, and he’s the lead actor in the film Getting Go – a film about his life as a go-go dancer.
  • He has over half a million followers on Instagram, and he now runs several brands including Matthew Camp Designs, a fragrance called Transgression, and 8.5.

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In an interview with Queerty, Matthew was asked:

What’s your favorite thing about being gay? 

My favorite thing about being gay is that I get to have sex with guys because I like having sex with guys. It’s one of my favorite things and it feels really nice.

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Matthew has been described as a blend of handsome country boy with a pinch of danger. He’s 5’10.5″, and has a charming personality the size of his cock.  He’s an ambassador for home HIV tests, and encourages other gay men to “own your own sexual health“.

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I feel like a lot of times when you see men that are having a sexual encounter, it’s not – I don’t wanna sound like a romance novel – but it’s not romantic at all. It’s very animalistic, which is great, but also, there are other sides to sexuality that are softer and more about communing.

He’s an animal in bed, that’s for sure.

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